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Voter Information

This page contains links/information to assist you in registering to vote.  

My primary election will be on March 5, 2024 and the general election will be on November 5, 2024.  For any election, the last day to register to vote or to change your voter registration is the 15th day prior to the election day.

If you are not currently registered to vote, please click here.  This link will provide you with an opportunity to register either on-line or by mailing-in your form.  

If you have previously been convicted of a felony offense, this does not automatically remove your ability to vote.  Only offenses involving moral turpitude will disqualify you from being able to vote. If you are not sure whether you have a disqualifying offense, please check this site regarding disqualifying felony conviction.  

If you are unsure of your polling place, please check with this site to find the list of all polling places in Montgomery County.  You may need to contact the Montgomery County Probate Office to ensure that you know where your polling place.

Are there circumstances that will prohibit you from being able to vote in person at either the primary or the general election?  Your situation may mean that you should consider voting absentee.  Please check on this site to find out more information regarding absentee voting.

Other Links:

Alabama Absentee Ballot Application

Alabama Secretary of State - Alabama Votes Website